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We are a leader in custom fabrication & installation of natural stone counter tops, flooring, fireplace surrounds and more! We have been serving customers since 2003, with a staff that has over 20 years experience. Our long experience has taught us to find a way to keep our customers satisfied.




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“Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of work, while keeping our services affordable.”

In addition to our beautiful selection of granite, quartz, quartzite, we carry a quality line of sinks. Come visit our showroom and meet with one of our experienced staff to help you design your dream kitchen or bathroom. It is important to discuss the pros and cons of various details, design concepts and service offerings in order to make the proper decisions for your project. Let us help guide you in the right direction.


Let us help design your dream kitchen…

We provide custom fabrication and installation using granite, marble and other such natural stone slabs. Engineered stone material, also known as Quartz, is available upon customer’s request. Some popular brand names of different lines of Quartz are known as Silestone, Hanstone or Zodiaq. Customers can customize each project by choosing what type of stone, edge detail, overhangs, backsplash and cutouts that they desire to create their “dream” kitchen, bathroom or any room they want!

We offer both kitchen and bathroom sinks. Our kitchen sinks are all undermount and made of quality stainless steel with sound proof coating on the underside of the bowls. From single to double bowls, they are all of standard size that should fit into any kitchen cabinets. Our bathroom sinks are all oval undermounts that are made of high quality white porcelain. Please be advised that these are all standard builder sinks and do not come with drains baskets or any other type of sink accessories. You can purchase your accessories at a local hardware store.

Demolition and disposal of old countertops is available upon request at an addtional cost.



Sale pricing includes fabrication & installation using standard grade granite slab with polished eased (straight) edges. Cutouts are priced out seperately and will be added to quote as required. In order to qualify for the sale price, project must be 49sft or more.

The granite slab must be selected from our stock in our warehouse. Standard grade choices include Uba Tuba, Tan Brown, New Caledonia, Imperial White. This list of standard grade colors may change at anytime and/or cannot be guaranteed to be in stock.

It is highly recommended that you select your slab at the warehouse to be sure you are happy and satisfied with the color you chose. Mother Nature is the creator of this beautiful material and we cannot be held responsible for any natural characteristics that may be present within the slab that may not be preferred by a customer. THIS IS WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO VISUALLY SEE AND APPROVE THE COLOR YOU DESIRE!!! Please be advised that granite and other such natural stone possess fissures, pits, cracks, veins, dull spots, gauges and color variations that are a part of their natural and unique beauty. These natural characteristics are not guaranteed and will not be accepted for reason of rejection.


What are the benefits in choosing granite for your counters?

There are many benefits in choosing granite. First of all, it is a product of nature and has a unique beauty that you do not always see in manufactured materials. Just like the phrase, no two snowflakes are identical, there are no two granite slabs that are identical. There will always be a slight difference each time we receive a new bundle of granite. In addition to its natural and unique beauty, some more benefits of granite are that it ages beautifully and is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Did we mention that it ages beautifully…

Where does granite come from?

Granite is an igneous rock which means it was formed under conditions of intense heat, like in volcanoes. It starts off as liquid magma deep within the earth’s core where its then cooled and compressed over millions of years under tons of pressure. Its main components are feldspar, quartz and mica. Different mountain ranges in different parts of the world yield different color stones; subsequently granite is quarried all over the world. We get alot of our granites from Brazil and our marbles from Spain and Italy.

Is granite porous?

Yes, which is why it needs to be sealed, especially the light colors.

Why is there such a large price difference among the different colors of granite?

There are a number of factors contributing to the price of a particular stone. Those factors are: 1)Rarity and availablility of the stone 2) Varying labor costs at different quarries in different countries around the world 3) The degree of difficulty quarrying and fabricating a particular stone 4) The cost of shipping the material.

Can you describe the ordering process?

Generally, the customer submits rough measurements so we can do an estimate. Once the estimate is approved, then a signed proposal and 50% deposit is required. Next we coordinate a scheduled day/time to field measure. Once field measurements are done, the fabrication process begins. It can take up to 7-10 working days from day of field measure to install your new counters. When installation is complete, the customer must sign the paperwork that our job is complete and satisfactory and final balance is collected.

How do I clean my granite countertops?

One of the best features of granite is it’s very easy maintenance. Truly, all you need to keep your granite clean on a daily basis is a mild soap and some water. Most general purpose cleaners contain acidic and alkaline solutions, abrasives, ammonia or bleach…all of which can degrade sealers, dull and/or damage stone surfaces over time.

Does granite need to be sealed? How often?

Yes, we apply a sealer to your counters at time of installation. For sealing maintenance, it is recommended that you seal your counters once per year. It is a very easy process.

Will granite scratch or burn?

If you are really trying to scratch or damage your granite…YOU CAN! However, your new granite counters can handle “normal” everyday usage. Granite can be used as a cutting board and still not scratch…although it may dull your knives over time. Since granite is naturally formed by extreme heat and pressure, it can not be easily affected by cooktops or hot pots and pans. You can take a hot pan from the oven and place it directly on your granite countertop and it will not scorch or burn.

Can granite crack?

No, with regular everyday use your granite will not crack. Granite is most susceptable to cracking during the shipping process, which is why we have to put seams and take other precautions.

Can granite be repaired? If so, how much does service cost?

Although granite is extremely hard to damage, if a scratch or a chip happens, it can be repaired. It generally cost $150 for a service repair.

Does granite stain?

Granite can stain although it does not stain easily. It is recommended to seal the granite especially if its a light color. Granite is the least porous stone of all natural stones available but since its created by nature it is common for it to retain moisture. For example, if some water is left on the counter for a few minutes, it may show a dark spot when the water is wiped away. This spot will then dry up and no evidence will show. Only some colors will show this feature, especially the lighter colors. For best care and maintenance, be sure to wipe up any liquids or oils as soon as they spill.

How thick is the granite used for the countertops?

The most common thickness is 3cm (approx 1 1/4″).

Will my granite counters have seams?

Every job is different. The most common reasons for determining seams and where they are placed are: 1)The layout and size of a particular countertop 2) The slab size 3) Material usage 4) Support requirements 5) Shipping & Installation issues.

I have seen granite counters with small pitts and/or tiny cracks in the surface. Are these defects?

No these are not defects but rather natural characteristics of some stones. You must keep in mind that you are purchasing a rock created from nature, not a manufactured product. Nearly every bundle of granite will have variations in veining, fissures, pits, mineral deposits, crystals, shells, fossils, etc. There are even some spots in natural stone that will not hold a polished finish. It’s these characteristics that add to the unique beauty of your countertop. We highly recommend you select your stone in person to be sure that you are happy and satisfied with the color you choose. If any of these characteristics do not appeal to you, an engineered stone may be a better choice. If so, we are able to order an engineered stone slab in your choice of color.

Do you fabricate any other type of material besides natural stone?

Yes we can also fabricate manufactured/engineered stone slabs, however we do not stock this material. It would need to be ordered, which usually takes 2-3 business days. Please be advised there are some manufactured stone companies that ask for payment upfront, so we would require a deposit to cover purchasing the material.

Do you offer any additional services?

We do not offer nor are we responsible for any type of electrical, plumbing, support or carpentry work. Also, we do not install any type of appliances and we do not do any leveling of walls, etc. We are strictly stone countertop installers. However, if needed, for an additional charge we can remove and dispose of your old counters and backsplash.

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Our Terms and Conditions For Our Work

50% deposit required to process order and balance due when material is delivered prior to installation. Order may not be returned, exchanged or credited toward other material once sales order process has begun. When no delivery or installation is requested, any fabricated only items are to be inspected at time of customer pick up. Granite, marble and other such natural stones possess fissures, veins, dull spots, gauges, pits and color variations that are part of their natural beauty. Exact matching and/or the absence of any of the above are not guaranteed and will not be accepted as reason for rejection. Client is responsible for selecting their slab. Any leveling of walls is the responsibility & concern of the customer/contractor. “Bad” walls may result in gaps between the stone and the walls. We are not responsible for installation of appliances. We do not do plumbing, electrical, carpentry or support work. Demolition is available upon request at an additional charge. Customer to provide sink/faucet specification sheets prior to field measure and must be on-site in order to obtain templates and verify dimensions, unless the sink has been purchased thru Granite Dezigns. Authorized representative needs to be present at field measurement and final installation. We are not responsible for specifications of sinks or cabinets etc. Any change in completed field measurements or additional trip charges requiring a return trip to job site will be charged $150.00 per trip.

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